WaterQuick Pro II Review

The system is activated by turning on a hot water faucet for 1 second and then off. Wait about 30 seconds and when the hot water faucet is turned back on, hot water will be waiting for you.

The whole point of buying a hot water recirculation system is to NOT have to wait for hot water. The only thing this system does is eliminates the water that would be wasted if you did not have a system and ran the water until it was hot.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Ratings: It has 3.6/5 stars on Amazon with just a couple reviews. Click Here to Read the Amazon Reviews.

Timer: This system does not have a timer. This isn’t a huge problem but it is pretty inconvenient to have to still wait 30 seconds when the whole point of buying a system is to not have to wait.

Price: View current price on Amazon. This is a very expensive choice.

Installation: 1 Hour installation at most. Very simple project that even beginner DIYers will have no problem with. This is a Water Heater Installed Recirculator (which you can read more about Here) meaning that the main pump needs to be installed at the water heater and the valve needs to be installed below the faucet of the sink furthest away from the heater.

Other: I would not recommend this product.