Below are the steps on how to install a hot water recirculation system or pump.

Here we’ll learn how to install the Watts 500800. Most systems will follow this same process or something close to it. There are two parts to this installation: The Pump and the Sensor Valve.

The two videos are very helpful but there are written instructions below.

The Pump

Step 1: Turn off the power (and/or gas) to the water heater from the breaker.

Step 2: Close the supply valve to the water heater. This is usually located at the top of the water heater by the cold water supply line.

Step 3: Open a faucet inside the house and let the water run until it stops.

Step 4: Disconnect the hot water feed from the hot water heater (the tube leaving the heater carrying water to the house).

Step 5: Install the pump in the pipe gap you’ve just created. Make sure the arrow on the side of the pump is pointing up (away from the heater).

Step 6: Reopen the supply valve to the hot water heater and allow the water to run until you get a consistent flow from your faucet(s) inside.

Step 7: Close the faucet inside the house.

Step 8: Plug the pump into an outlet.

Step 9: Set the timer according to instruction manual.

Here is a video on how to set the timer. If you prefer to read the instructions read this article: Setting the Timer – Watts 500800.

Sensor Valve

I began to write the instructions, but it is much easier to watch the video above and look at the images below. From those, you will fully understand how to install this piece.