Grundfos 595916 Review

Frankly, this is very similar to the Watts 500800, infact it’s almost literally the same thing, but it costs about $40 more. You do get some added benefits for that extra dough though. Read a direct comparison between the Grundfos 595916 and Watts 500800 Here.

If you just need your hot water recirculator pump to be red, go ahead and buy this one, otherwise, spring for the Watts 500800.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Like I mentioned in the opening, this is the same thing as the Watts 500800. It has a built in timer, comes with a sensor valve, and the extra pieces you need to install it such as flexible stainless steel braided tubing and a couple fittings.

Ratings: It has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with 150+ reviews. That is a very good sign and points to the fact that you’re not taking a risk with this unit. Click Here to Read the Amazon Reviews.

Timer: This system has a timer which means that you can set it to turn on for just the hours you’re home. For example, instead of leaving it running 24 hours a day, you may want to have it turn on the hour before you wake up and a few hours around the time you get home.

Quality: Comes with a 2-Year Limited warranty, but you probably won’t need to use it. It weighs 4 lbs and runs on 115V.

Price: View current price on Amazon. This is just a tiny bit above average, but it includes the best options: a timer and a check valve.

Installation: 1 Hour installation at most. Very simple project that even beginner DIYers will have no problem with. This is a Water Heater Installed Recirculator (which you can read more about Here) meaning that the main pump needs to be installed at the water heater and the valve needs to be installed below the faucet of the sink furthest away from the heater.

Grundfos 595916 Review